Company Branded Lanyards

Visit any given Trade Show, Conference, Festival, Music Gig, VIP Area, School, College or University and you’ll almost certainly see a range of company branded lanyards being worn. Lanyards appear to have been around forever and whilst the product itself hasn’t changed much, the way we brand them and the type of company that uses them certainly has.

Lanyards come in a vast range of materials ranging from eco-friendly (PLA renewable Corn) woven cotton, nylon, polyester and plastic and these all come in sizes ranging from 10mm to 30mm. Each lanyard design can then be personalised and printed using a range of techniques. View our most popular range of branded lanyards here.

Many companies use branded lanyards as a way of identifying staff who will use them to carry ID cards, electronic door fobs and USB flash drives.

We have been supplying CONDUENT with a range of branded lanyards for well over 5 years now. Here is a classic 20mm lanyard, printed with a safety release buckle and G clip.

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