Rebranding is an exciting time for any business, as it signifies growth, change, and a fresh start. One essential element of a successful rebranding strategy is the distribution of customised merchandise to create a strong brand identity. Organising a rebrand can also be a hectic time for a business! At Brandelity, we understand the importance of seamless and hassle-free merchandise ordering, making us perfectly placed to work with AFK Creators on their rebrand!

AFK is a marketing agency where the ambitious belong. The team is made up of dedicated professionals, gamers and creators with a background in attention marketing and business growth. They elevate your game with access to the best, brightest and most exciting brands, influencers and professional esports players.

Equipping Your Staff For Success

Welcoming new team members or gifting existing staff members during a rebranding phase is crucial for building strong relationships and leaving a lasting impression. Brandelity’s vast range of customisable merchandise allowed AFK to create unique welcome packs that showcased their brand’s personality.

During a rebrand, it’s essential to foster a sense of unity and pride among your employees. Outfitting your staff with branded merchandise not only instils a sense of belonging but also serves as a walking advertisement for your revamped brand. 

Crafting A Memorable Welcome Pack

Express A5 Notebook: A branded notebook provides a practical and stylish way for recipients to jot down their ideas, notes, and inspirations, while keeping your logo at the forefront of their minds.

Rapido Ball Point Pen: A sleek, branded pen adds a touch of professionalism to any desk and ensures that your brand is always within reach.

A Good Old Cambridge Mug: Kick-start mornings with a branded mug, allowing recipients to enjoy their favourite beverages while showcasing your rebranded identity.

Express White Gloss Verona Water Bottle: Promote sustainability and a healthy lifestyle by including a stainless steel water bottle, encouraging recipients to stay hydrated while on the go.

Essential Rocker Sustainable Tee: Ensure your brand is seen far and wide by equipping their team with comfortable and fashionable branded t-shirts. It’s an excellent opportunity to foster a sense of unity and pride among AFK’s employees.

A Stella Organic Hoodie: Embrace the colder seasons with branded hoodies that will keep their staff warm while proudly displaying their rebrand. AFK will boost team morale, encourage brand loyalty, and empower their staff to become brand ambassadors by wearing these clothing items!

Nova RPET Roll-Top Backpack: Offering a versatile and functional solution, a branded backpack is perfect for daily commutes or weekend adventures, making it a valuable addition to your welcome pack.

Want To Elevate Your Brand’s Visibility?

By investing in high-quality, eye-catching promotional items, you create opportunities for brand recognition and increased visibility, extending the reach of your rebranding efforts. Contact our sales team at today!