DASH Custom Keyrings in Raspberry and Cucumber

DASH Water, creates delicious fruit infused water with simple, sustainable ingredients. By rescuing real wonky fruit that others say no to, they are able to make natural soft drinks with no sugar, no calories and no sweetener.

DASH Water is a popular brand of flavoured sparkling water that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. These custom keyrings shaped like DASH Water cans are a fun and unique way for them to show off their love for their drink and raise some brand awareness.

Custom keyrings are a practical item that people engage with every day. Quality keyrings, like these metal ones custom made for Dash, also have a long lifespan. Normally used for holding keys, they can also be easily attached to a bag or purse. By making these replica keyrings in the shape and design of their distinctive cans, DASH are creating a fun way to promote their brand and increase brand recognition. 

Why create Custom Keyrings?

Custom Dash Keyring Design in Cucumber and Raspberry

For businesses with a recognisable brand, custom keyrings shaped like your product (in this case DASH Water cans) can be a great promotional item. They’re also a budget-friendly item that are easy to transport to events or post to recipients. DASH gave their custom keyrings away for sampling and they were also sent out as gifts to influencers and buyers. Fun and distinctive giveaways can help to create a positive association with your brand and encourage people to choose your products over competitors.

It is a pleasure to work with DASH on these custom keyrings. They were so happy with these 2 designs, that they have already ordered more in another flavour – Lime! 

Want to create your own Custom Keyrings?

When it comes to designing custom keyrings, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll need to decide on the design of the keyring and the shape. Please send this across to our sales team (sales@brandelity.com) who can help create a visual mock-up of what the product would look like.