Capesthorne Hall is a country house near the village of Siddington, Cheshire, England. The house and its private chapel were built in the early 18th century, replacing an earlier hall and chapel nearby.

Today the hall, chapel and grounds are privately owned by the Bromley-Davenport family. They are open to the public at advertised times and are used for special events. They are also available to be hired for purposes such as weddings and corporate events.

Capesthrone Hall wanted help with exploring ideas for new brand merchandise for their stately home, with the focus being on sustainable and natural products. They liked the idea of seed products and wildflower boxes so together decided on the Sprout Pencils. 

Sustainable Pencils with Seed Capsules!

The Sprout Pencil is an eco-friendly, sustainable pencil that can be planted after use. At the end of each Sprout Pencil, you’ll find a water-soluble seed capsule (instead of an eraser) that can be planted in soil. Use it like a normal pencil, but when it becomes too short to write or colour with, just plant the pencil into some soil then watch it grow!

All aspects of the Sprout pencil are sustainable and non-toxic.  From the biodegradable seed capsule to the 100% natural clay, graphite core, and PEFC/FSC-certified wood.

As you can see these Sprout Pencils came out exactly how Capethrone Hall envisioned and kindly left us a lovely review: ‘ Can I just say that Paul has been excellent with the process of our merchandise from start to finish and communication has been great.’

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