You may not have noticed, but on July 3rd the EU passed a bill outlawing the sale of 10 everyday single use plastic (SUP’s) items. These 10 items, among others, include plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, and most food and drink packaging. 

The EU’s objective is to significantly reduce the impact that harmful single-use plastic products have on the environment. The 10 single use plastics that the legislation targets account for a staggering 70% of all marine litter in the EU. 

The new legislation will affect millions of businesses and especially those that sell food and drink items as one of the main plastics of concern is expanded polystyrene, which ends up breaking down into millions of little plastic balls that do untold damage to the environment. 

Whilst this is an EU law, we expect it’s only a matter of time before the UK follows suit.

Here at Brandelity we think this is a brilliant piece of legislation and one that will inevitably accelerate the adoption of reusable drinkware and food containers. This represents a great opportunity for businesses to get involved to do their bit. Never has there been a better time to equip your team members and customers with high quality, reusable promotional products; enabling them to help eliminate pollution whilst at the same time helping promote your brand!


Here are a few of our most useful reusable promotion gift items:

rCup Coffee Cup

Whether you make your own coffee or splash out on premium takeaway coffees, this cup is thermal, made from 100% recycled single use cups and its built to last!

Steel Sip Straw

Single use straws are devastating to the marine environment so avoid them like the plague and carry this reusable stainless steel straw next time you go out-out…

Sports Drink Bottle 

Available in 300ml, 500ml and 750ml these beautiful sports bottles will keep your drinks ice cold for hours whilst allowing you to stop buying overpriced drinks packaged in wasteful single use packaging!

The full list of banned items can been seen here:

If you’d like some help in reducing single use plastic in your workplace with some reusable branded merchandise, get in touch with our team on or give us a call on 01753 491470.