Pantone Matched Bottles for REED

When recruitment consultants at Reed Talent Solutions came across our bottles online they contacted us to see if we would be interested in helping them fulfil their latest position. As part of their ‘Wellness Calendar’ each month Reed focuses on a new initiative to invest in. The aim of this calendar is to improve employees health and well being, whilst also being mindful of the environmental impact their employees have. In September they voted to reduce the amount of single use plastic their workforce were using. To kick start the initiative they wanted to give each team member a reusable bottle, encouraging them to drink more water whilst also ditching plastic bottles.

The Vacancy

Sacking off plastic bottles isn’t easy; with the average person in the U.K using 3 single-use bottles a week it can be hard to break the habit of a lifetime. The plastic departure created a vacancy within their team and an alternative more sustainable candidate was sought. In addition to being reusable, Reed also required potential candidates to have other attributes such as:

  • The ability to become a brand champion by representing the Reed brand correctly.
  • A flexible approach to working, required to work both within the office and also mobile.
  • Committed to the company and able to offer day to day hydration support for the foreseeable future.
  • A hard worker who is able to work long days and able to serve both hot and cold beverages.

Branded Reusable Drink Bottles

Pantone Matched Bottles Met All The Job Criteria

After reviewing the job spec we had the perfect candidate in mind to fulfil Reed’s new vacancy, our Pantone Matched Drinks Bottle Gloss Finish. This bottle is a true brand champion with its ability to exactly match your brands Pantone colours. It can also keep drinks both hot and cold for hours and can be popped in your bag for when out and about visiting clients.

Reed Talent Solutions loved our bottles qualities and hired us to supply their workforce with them. The bottles went down a treat and Reed received such positive feedback from their team that they are now even gifting some of their bottles to clients and have decided to include them in their new employees induction packs.

Recruit Your Own Pantone Matched Bottles For Your Brand

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