Eco Event Giveaways

The challenges of 2020 and 2021 haven’t allowed for many opportunities to talk to potential clients face to face. So, when that opportunity does arise, it’s important to make the right impression. We all know that branded merchandise is a staple at a wide number of events: trade shows, pop-ups, conferences etc. Merchandise can incentivise people to visit your stand, can make recipients feel appreciated and maybe most importantly, offers you a chance for enhanced brand awareness and brand recall long after the event has finished. That’s why it’s so important you pick the right merchandise for your brand. 

Choosing Sustainable Merchandise

Tumbletoo Second ColourOne way to make a good impression is to choose eco giveaways for your merchandise. This could be reusable items that help avoid single-use plastic or items made from sustainable or recycled materials. This shows any potential clients that you care about the environment and are a responsible company. Also, if for any reason the item is no longer usable or needed, you can rest easy knowing that you haven’t added it to plastic in landfill.

Freeman Clarke Choose To Reuse

One such company wanting to make the right impression with their merchandise was Freeman Clarke, a forward thinking, UK based company that specialise in providing fractional IT leaders for businesses. For their latest event, Freeman Clarke chose 3 items of branded merchandise for their giveaways; reusable bamboo coffee cups, reusable metal straws and eco-friendly seed balls (to create wildflowers for bees). All of these items serve a purpose that will have a positive effect on our environment.

Chose To Reuse

Set Of 2 Branded Metal Straws With Pouch &Amp; Cleaning BrushWhile the seed balls make for an excellent eco gift, we think the reusable items chosen by Freeman Clarke are even more effective as event giveaways. Reusable coffee cups and reusable straws are two items that help reduce the use of single use plastic in everyday society. They have a long lifespan and both items are small and portable and can be taken in a backpack or a handbag. Freeman Clarke chose our Tumbletoo Coffee Cup. This is not only reusable and lightweight, it’s made from sustainable materials and has an eco look and feel, making it an even better promotional giveaway. Our stainless steel reusable straw set comes with a cotton carry bag and a straw cleaner, which make it very practical. It can used many times and is extremely portable which means it is likely to give repeated brand exposure over a long period. All the attributes of an excellent promotional gift.

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