Branded Sports Bottle

The Reusable Sports Bottle really is an EXCELLENT corporate gift idea and here’s why…

Borough Market recently stopped selling drinks, such as water, in disposable plastic bottles and will instead offer a free to use water fountain with which patrons can use in conjunction with a reusable drinks bottle. Other like-minded establishments are following suit in an effort to help cut down on the number of single use drinks containers being used once and then disposed. We love this idea!

Did you know? 38.5 million plastic drinks bottles are purchased in the UK every day (source Guardian)

Globally, 1,000,000 single-use bottles are purchased every minute – that’s a staggering 20,000 bottles every second.

Whilst most of these bottles are made from polyethene terephthalate (Pet), only a small amount are actually recycled. In fact in 2016 alone, less than 7% of the bottles collected for recycling were actually made into new bottles, with most of the other 93% ending up in landfill or the ocean.

These branded sports bottles are reusable, Eco friendly and they address a problem that every business should be very passionate about. Couple this with the fact that many offer a large print area and you have one of the most popular and effective corporate gifts of the last 10 years.

We think this product is great for Sports Clubs, Gyms, Schools and Universities, Festivals and outdoor events!

Our range of drinking bottles come in a selection of shapes, sizes, materials and colours and they’re all made to be kept and reused!.