branded charging mat

Branded Wireless Charging Mats- Our Big Prediction for Top Technology Promotional Gift of 2018!

Branded Wireless Charging Mats (also known as cordless chargers) might just be the most exciting tech-based promotional gift since the Portable Power Bank entered the merchandise world. This ingenious device allows its users to charge their phone without having to plug anything in. You simply place your phone on the wireless mat and it starts charging.

But “why” I hear you ask, is this such a great promotional gift item? Well, it pretty much ticks every box one should want ticked when choosing the most effective promotional giveaway.

Lets look at those tick boxes in a little more detail:

  • Large Branding area. Large clear branding area upon which we can print or engrave your logo and/or message.
  • Brand Awareness. This branded item will almost certainly live on the end user’s desk and your logo will be visible for everyone to see.
  • Brand Engagement. Lets face it, most people have to charge their phones at least twice daily and this is GREAT NEWS as it means end users will engage with the charging mat and ultimately, your brand, each time they do.
  • Perceived Value. Wireless Charging Mats retail for significantly more than the price you’ll pay when ordering in bulk and therefore this branded product offers exceptional perceived value vs investment.
  • Eco-Friendly Wireless Charging Mats can be produced in a range of materials, one of which (our personal favourite) is Bamboo. Bamboo is a very sustainable material for it can be grown rapidly with no pesticides, is abundant and rarely requires replanting. It also produces 35% more oxygen than equivalent strands of trees!

All of our Wireless Charging Mats are compliant with RoHS, WEEE and Qi. They are compatible with most new handsets including the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 and we’d bet our bottom dollar that all new handsets from this point forward will follow suit. Compatibility with older handsets is possible by using a small adapter, which can be supplied with each Charging Mat on request.

Here’s an order we completed recently. Who wouldn’t be chuffed receiving one of these….

printed wireless charging mat

Interested in branding Wireless Charging Mats for your next promotion or corporate giveaway? Grab a quick, free quote from our Wireless Charging Mat information page.