Branded Advent Calendar

Show that you’re a fun brand that cares about its customers.

Promotional gifts aren’t always about trying to obtain new customers. Often, it’s about showing customer care and rewarding customer loyalty. There are many reasons to send free gifts to your customers; it can increase the integrity and perceived value of your brand and most importantly, increase the lifetime value of your customers.

This year we have found many of our clients wanted to say a seasonal thank you to their customers. We believe a Christmas thank you should make you smile and what works better than chocolate! In keeping with the seasonal theme, branded advent calendars are traditional and remind us of our youth; bringing a smile to our faces. Unlike a regular chocolate bar, a branded advent calendar will live on the desk of your clients or customers for a full 25 days, giving you a great period of brand visibility and the design can be completely customised. It’s an all-round winner!


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