branded fidget toys

Why Branding Fidget Cubes and Spinners is a great idea!

As I write this blog, the ‘Fidget Cube’ and it’s brother the ‘Fidget Spinner’, are a very hot topic indeed! A disruptive and annoying distraction or a genius way of helping those who struggle to stay focused and those who suffer from disorders such as ADHD – you decide! Either way, it seems these addictive little branded fidget toys are here to stay – for a little while at least! What is certain is that these small, low-cost yet desirable little toys make for a fantastic corporate gift for companies and brands looking to engage with a certain type audience.

Prices are around £1.90 per unit (depending on quantity), Lead-time is around 10 days.

Logo’s can be printed on both sides and all of our Spinners and Cubes are available in pretty much any colour. We can even Pantone match the housing if required!


Here’s another Fidget Toy, this time a Fidget Cube we’ve produced for our friends at Sigma.

branded fidget toys


Interested in getting some ideas for your next promotional campaign? Or fancy branding your own Fidget Toys? We’re always happy to have a chat. Just hit the button below to get in contact!