Office Gifts

Popular Promotional Office Gifts

Usability is still ranked number one when polling about the qualities we look for when buying Promotional Giveaways. If it’s useful, our clients are more likely to keep it and we see a much larger return on investment with brand awareness.

This is why the printed pen is still the worlds number one office gift. A whopping 90% of those who receive a free pen will go on to use it and see it live in their handbag or on their desk.

“Office gifts” are extremely popular, unsurprisingly with B2B promotional giveaways still occupying a large proportion of the market. Taking into account “the office” location and knowing the importance of usability, we suggested a pack of a mug, USB memory stick, puzzle cube and pen, to our clients. Items we were confident would be seen around their partners’ offices and desks for a long time.


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