custom shaped usb

Print your logo big and bold or try custom designs.

When you’ve got a logo as detailed as our clients Platt Reilley, you want to make sure that it’s printed well and none of the intricacies, like for example the smaller text, are lost. On the white card shaped Power Bank, Plat Reilley’s logo really comes to life. The text can be read and the white background allows the blue variations to stand out. The grey writing along one side makes the print more interesting and gives it a higher-end feel, accurately representing the brand. The USB stick produced is custom shaped, allowing for maximum brand impact.

A selection of our technology products, for example; bluetooth speakers and power banks, can be made from a custom-shaped mould which really helps for your promotional product to stand out from the crowd.


Interested in getting a custom mould producted for a USB Stick or Bluetooth Speaker?  Just hit the button below to get in contact!