wimbledon merchandise Seed Stixs

Wimbledon has been a staple in the sporting calendar since the first championships were played in 1877. This year, Brandelity once again provided this prestigious tennis with branded Wimbledon merchandise to be used internally, this time as a gift to the wonderful people that make the tournament such a magnificent event.

usb stick wimbledon merchandiseIn the past, Brandelity has produced Bamboo USB Sticks, printed with the iconic Wimbledon logo, that are then given to players with footage of their games to analyse. These USB Sticks were chosen for a number of reasons: they don’t have a lid to lose, they have a swivel design to protect the USB element and also, they have a unique eco-friendly appearance.

When Wimbledon asked us to create a small, unique gift that continued along their eco-friendly theme, we immediately thought about our natural and biodegradable product range. Knowing these products were going into small gift packs, we wanted to make sure they had good print areas and stood out as something a little different and so suggested our popular Seed Stix. A low-cost, fun and retro gift (as the design is based on the old tear-off matchbooks), these small packets contain biodegradable sticks with seeds attached. The packaging is fully customisable, allowing for lots of brand awareness and opportunity for you to get your message across.

We were thrilled with Wimbledon’s Seed Stix packets and hope the recipients will be too. We look forward to working with them on creating more printed Wimbledon merchandise for next years big event!

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