remote workers merchandise

There’s No Going Back

remote workers merchandise

The last 6 months have bought many changes to both our personal and professional lives and one that may be here to stay is remote working. In a survey carried out by recruitment giant Adecco, 77% of employees believe a mixture of office and remote working would be the best way forward following the Covid19 pandemic. Another survey conducted by communication agency Fleishman Hillard found similar results. Up to 85% of people felt they had a better work/life balance with remote working. It calculated that in the UK, the percentage of employed workers doing their jobs remotely full-time grew from 7% before the pandemic to 55% in mid-May, so this new way of thinking is taking place on a mass scale.

We Must All Adapt

Although this number is sure to decrease as the pandemic passes, many companies are considered ditching the office space in favour for more flexible working. From big tech companies such as Twitter and Facebook to banks like Nationwide and MorganStanley, many are allowing their employees to switch to remote working. This also allows them to save on office space and possibly save money, a win for everyone! In fact, even the UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has come forward to say that companies should allow employees to remote work if they can in the future.

While remote working can offer employees more flexibility, a better life/work balance and possibly reduce the companies’ overheads, there are some problems. How do you ensure your staff feel appreciated and part of a team? How do you make sure your employees understand your brand, its worth and its values. This is where branded company merchandise can play a big part in building future success of companies.

The Rise Of Staff Incentives 

company branded laptop bag

With trade shows, conferences and other events being cancelled; with offices decorated with branded merchandise being closed, you may think that company branded merchandise would be bottom of the priority list but this is not the case. Quality merchandise with company branding on it is solving a big problem of unity and brand management across the UK workforce. Here are the 3 main areas we are being asked to help:

1. Promote unity and a sense of belonging

Providing your remote workers with a pack of branded merchandise will help them feel they belong to part of your team. Wearing a branded hoodie, drinking from a branded water bottle or working for you whilst sipping their coffee from your company mug, will help them be engaged with your brand. When they see other members of their team, whether it be in person or in a virtual meeting, and they are drinking from the same bottles and wearing the same company cap, there is a sense of unity that is created. 

2. Help instil your brand image

Another huge plus to providing company branding packs to your staff as it puts your company brand in front of them. They are seeing and thinking about your company. They know the logo, the brand colours and the image. Your company values can also be reinforced. Maybe your company takes CSR very seriously and have an Eco commitment that you want to portray in your choice of merchandise. Maybe you provide coffee cups made out of recycled materials like the rCup or recycled tote bags like the Evo. Maybe you are a company that is sleek, high-end and at the forefront of technology and so you may want to provide a North Face jacket with your company brand and a quality, heavy duty power bank. The choices of merchandise you buy must reflect your company values and its brand image.

3. Showing you care

remote workers merchandiseWe all know drinking lots of water is good for you. Providing your employees with a vacuum insulated water bottle may incentivise them to do this, possibly bettering their health and mood. In the new world of remote working, your employees are having to lug their new company laptop to coffee shops and flexi-office spaces. Providing them with a safe and comfortable laptop bag is a great way to show them you care, whilst also getting some good brand awareness when staff are commuting and remote working. Also, the commonplace birthday cards and cakes won’t be able to be left on employees desks anymore. We can help with company branded letterbox cakes and brownies that you can give to employees on special occasions to show you care.

When the BPMA conducted a survey on “how receiving a promotional gift made you feel”, the number 1 response was appreciated. This is exactly how you want to make your employees feel. Their happiness is your success and it will ensure a great staff retention rate.


The best product for you and your staff really depends on what your company does, your brand image and what you want to achieve, so please get in touch with us for ideas and pricing for your own custom staff pack.

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