The next 12 months needs to be about the environment. Merchandise choices should reflect that. That’s why the recycled SeaTowel is my promotional product of 2021.

Chris Love, Brandelity Director.

Recycled promotional productsAs restrictions slowly come to an end and the covid-19 vaccine rollout continues to move at an almost unbelievable pace, many of us will be chomping at the bit to go on holiday. Whether it’s abroad or here in the UK, many will be looking forward to swapping the home office for a sunny spot on the beach for some much needed respite from the glare of the laptop and the relentless barrage of zoom calls. 

The thought of escaping the horror of home working and laying on a beach towel in the sun reading a good book will have been the “light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel” that has helped many of us get through the last 12 months of misery. However one thing we can’t escape from is the growing problem of pollution in our oceans and beaches – this is a problem that hasn’t, and isn’t, going away. Did you know that a staggering 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year causing significant harm to marine life. Much of these plastic waste items were destined for recycling plants and landfill but never actually made it there, instead they end up washed up on our beaches and scattered across the sea bed. However grim as this picture is, by continuing to replace single use plastics with reusable alternatives (drinkware, straws, food containers etc) we are together making a big impact!….but one company has gone even further by producing a luxury beach towel that is *actually* made from recycled ocean plastic!

Our Promotional Product of 2021 is…

I present to you one of the most clever and inspiring promotional gift items we’ve ever seen at Brandelity –  the SeaTowel

This ocean saving masterpiece is produced by turning ocean plastic waste, collected from a network of local fisherman, into a RPET yarn (SEAQUAL) which is blended with recycled cotton and made into a luxurious, premium beach towel. 

As promotional gift concepts go, this product really has everything. Each luxury beach towel is fully customisable, has a large print area and will be kept, cherished and reused by its owner. It gives great brand exposure in an outdoor setting and has an authentic and ingenious story to tell!

And to top it all off, every purchase of this item will see 5% of supplier profit go to The Ocean Cleanup cause. Who’d have thought you could get such a high level of brand exposure whilst (literally!) helping clean the ocean from plastic!

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