Customised Keyring

FUEL10K brings fuel to busy people. Their breakfast ranges are packed with nutritious goodness, helping people stay fuller for longer. They are a B Corp company, which means sustainability is at the forefront of their business practice. They ensure this by choosing packaging made from plastic alternatives and they endeavour to find ingredients that are as sustainable as possible. The importance FUEL10K places on sustainability is prevalent in their choice of marketing practices, as they chose Brandelity to create custom shaped branded keyrings for their upcoming event. 

FUEL10K’s continuous improvement is based on the 10,000 hour rule popularised by Malcolm Gladwell that states if you practise a skill for 10,000 hours, you’ll have a good chance at becoming an expert in it.  Much like this rule, the human brain needs repetition to embed important information into the subconscious, ranging from 3 to 30 times. This means in order to stay relevant in your consumer’s decision making process, you need to be consistently in their view. A great way to stay in the minds of your consumers is by invested in branded keyrings as they are a cost effective, high-exposure piece of branded merchandise. 

Why You Should Invest in Branded Keyrings

Branded keyrings are a great piece of customisable merchandise due to a range of reasons. They are budget friendly, whilst being arguably one of the most customisable pieces of merchandise available. This is great as it means you can get a high return on your investment by choosing a bespoke item which is instantly recognisable. 

As mentioned above, cognitive memory responds well to repetitive actions. By choosing to brand keyrings, you are ensuring the recipient is receiving a very practical piece of merchandise which will be used multiple times throughout their day. This ensures that the recipient, along with others in public, will see your brand multiple times, helping to embed your company into the memory of those who see the keyring. This connection is particularly poignant for FUEL10K as they have chosen keyrings which are the shape of their porridge pots. To read more about customisable keyrings, please visit our case study relating to the amazing DASH can keyrings Brandelity produced