Brandelity are proud to announce our commitment to the BPMA stepforward pledge This reinforces our continued commitment to providing branded merchandise that is sustainable and environmentally conscious. 

What is the BPMA Stepforward Pledge?

The BPMA are pioneers in revolutionising the promotional merchandise sector, as the stepforward pledge places sustainability at the forefront of this industry’s growth. ‘The Stepforward Pledge is a BPMA-led initiative helping members take proactive steps to improve their sustainability performance, accelerating the pace of change towards a more sustainable future for the industry’. 

Brandelity has always placed great emphasis on ensuring our merchandise is exciting, sustainable and of the highest quality, which is why we are in full support of the stepforward pledge. By pledging allegiance to this initiative, we are contributing to the combined efforts of our industry to help shape a future that promises longevity and quality for our clients. 

How Brandelity is Contributing as part of the Stepforward Pledge

The BPMA stepforward pledge consists of three main areas: product, people and planet. Within these categories, there are many subcategories, all tailored towards creating the most sustainable practice for the company. Brandelity already meets the majority of the criteria for this pledge, with plans in place to complete the other subcategories. 

As well as ensuring our merchandise is, where at all possible, manufactured from sustainable materials, we put consideration into our product procurement and packaging. The team at Brandelity do lots of work behind the scenes to ensure we choose sustainable suppliers who match our values of putting their people and the planet first. We are constantly in communication with these suppliers to ensure they use a minimal amount of packaging, all made from eco-friendly materials, such as the sustainable merchandise packs for the University of Sussex. 

However, we know there is room to grow in this area and we have pledged that by the end of the year, all the products on our website will be reusable & useful or made from recycled materials, with eco-friendly or minimal packaging.

Brandelity understands sustainability within the workforce is of equal importance to sustainability of the environment as without a positive workforce, we would be unable to commit to our environmental pledges. We ensure our staff have access to training programmes when they require them, and they have access to nutritious snacks and drinks free of charge during the work day. In the office, we follow the high expectations we set for our suppliers, and ensure we have ample recycling facilities for our packaging materials. The office is a zone free of single use plastic, with every member of staff being gifted a reusable branded coffee cup, water bottle and coffee mug. 

However, although we are working towards being completely sustainable in the office, we do have some samples that are unused. Going forward, as part of the stepforward pledge, we are looking to donate these unused samples to charities and local schools in order to give a new life to these items. 

We look forward to seeing how we can improve our sustainability in all aspects at Brandelity, and we are thankful to the BPMA for bringing the industry together for one better goal. 

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