Sustainable Onboarding Packs For Prospective Students Of The University Of Sussex.

About the University of Sussex 

The University of Sussex is a loyal and appreciated client here at Brandelity, and the team were excited to get stuck into a new project producing sustainable promotional packs which will be gifted to students by the School of Engineering and Informatics. 

For over 60 years, the University of Sussex has been providing courses and research that inspires and challenges our current thoughts and understandings. They are pioneers in scientific discoveries and global policy. Therefore, it was only fitting for them to partner with the eco-conscious team at Brandelity to produce an effective, sustainable onboarding packs for prospective students.

The Eco-Conscious Promotional Pack

The University of Sussex decided to use the Ecomate Cotton Drawstring Bag as the vessel for their sustainable branded merchandise. The drawstring bag has a large branding area, with the ability to print designs on both sides of the bag, increasing brand reach. This is of benefit to the University of Sussex as they are using these bags to promote themselves at higher education events amongst school pupils. The large branded area means their stand will become more visible to a wider audience as students walk around the event hall with the bag. 

The contents of the pack include an array of sustainable items such as the sprout pencil, bamboo power bank, honest bottle and ecobind notepad & pen

Product Spotlight

Sprout Pencil

The sprout pencil is an excellent and unique promotional gift, as it is practical whilst having a powerful message of sustainability. Once the students have finished using the pencil, or it becomes too short, they are able to plant the pencil and watch it turn into fragrant herbs, flowers or vegetables. This makes the sprout pencil a great gift to include in your company’s marketing campaigns as this branded merchandise has a long marketing life, leaving a lasting impression past the original use of the item. 

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Honest Bottle

The honest bottle is a reusable bottle made from 100% recycled plastic. This product is manufactured locally, which lowers its Carbon Footprint and further increases its sustainable credentials, making it the perfect promotional bottle to use in your marketing campaigns. The globe is starting to see a shift away from single use plastic bottles, which you can read about in our recent blog written by our CEO Chris Love. With this significant shift away from single-use plastic, we are predicting an increase in the use of reusable bottles. If your consumers will be making the switch to only using reusable bottles, why not make sure the bottle has your brand on it. 

Stay Hydrated with this Customisable Sustainable Bottle