Quest Global, a company with over 13,000 employees, provides end to end global product engineering services in the Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Energy, Hi-Tech, Medical Devices, Rail and Semiconductor industries. 

We have had the pleasure of working with Quest for over 4 years supplying a wide range of custom branded merchandise items for many of their global events.

On this occasion Quest were attending DISTRIBUTECH22 where engineers were demonstrating how they help convert conventional grids into intelligent and flexible power systems. For the event, they required some promotional eco-friendly products to help engage customers and increase brand awareness.

Item number one was our 64GB Eco Bamboo Twist USB Stick which is an extremely fast and reliable data storage device made from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is a very fast-growing grass with similar properties to wood and is an excellent alternative to more conventional virgin plastics.

Quest also used reusable tote bags to engage with visitors. Bags are an excellent marketing tool for events as they have a generous branding area, they are extremely well received and most importantly they help solve a very serious ecological problem.

We use 5 trillion plastic bags per year. That’s a whopping 160,000 per second and 700 a year per person. Of all those plastic bags circling our planet, less than 1% are recycled. Our great quality and great value 8oz branded Canvas Tote Bag is available in multiple sizes and is full customizable.

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