We’ve been lucky enough to work with the employee app focused company Staffbase on a number of occasions. What we’ve always loved about working with the team is their commitment to their brand. Staffbase are willing to be quirky and stand out from the crowd, but most importantly, they understand the power of promotional merchandise. Staffbase were looking for a new pack of branded promotional goodies that would work as fun giveaway. This time, it was to be used for a more focused account based marketing campaign they were running. In this instance, Staffbase were focusing on the healthcare sector. The choice of promotional merchandise chosen was understanding of this sector, and of the current climate, but still had the usual topping of Staffbase quirkiness that we’ve all come to love.

What To Put In a 2020 Summer Swag Bag

Another example of some brilliant Staffbase merchandise. We love the socks!

Staffbase chose to brand a summer drinks cup with straw; bats and balls; a cookie jar and a face mask. The summer drinks cup and the bat and ball are fun gifts that any receiver is likely to keep. This means longer lasting brand exposure. With their campaign running in the summer, they were products that made perfect sense! Always a fan of a pun, the “Appy Sipping” branding on the cup was perfectly on brand and will surely have brought smiles to faces. Staffbase wanted assurances on the quality of their swag and so we were able to offer them well-known Maryland Cookies in their branded cookie jars, which featured full wrap printing to the outside. Finally, with the recipients being even more health conscious than most, the branded face mask was an excellent item of merchandise to include. It shows Staffbase take personal protection seriously and it’s a gift that’s definitely current. With masks being mandatory in lots of indoor spaces, it’s also a giveaway that’s likely to get lots of use and therefore offer repeated brand exposure to the wearer and others.

Once again, Staffbase were very happy with our service and their branded promotional goodies; we’re already in talks to enter into many more exciting ventures together. We can’t wait to see what we brand next! An ‘Appy client is what we like to see!


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