Promotional Wireless Earbuds with logo

Promotional Wireless Earbuds have become an incredibly popular choice of branded merchandise and it’s easy to see why. Whilst wireless earbuds have been around for many years the demand for them rose significantly with the rise of smartphones. These devices gave us greater access to media on the move, which was best listened to through earphones. The demand for wireless earphones grew further when smartphone manufacturers developed models without the traditional audio jacks in order to produce slimmer smartphones. These technological advances have resulted in wireless earbuds becoming a modern-day necessity for many. Proof of which can be seen all around from commuters listening to their latest audiobooks to joggers running to their motivational playlist. Wireless earbuds really are a part of daily life for many and this is what makes promotional wireless earbuds such a popular option when it comes to branded merchandise.

Promotional Wireless Earbuds printed with logo

Fast Lane Consulting, a returning client of ours, contacted us in search of fresh branded merchandise to giveaway. When we learned they were for delegates on an Amazon Web Services partnered course, we knew only the latest offering in tech merchandise would do and Fast Lane Consulting agreed. Although of course, promotional wireless earbuds have a far wider appeal.

Who do they appeal to most?

Whilst their appeal as a promotional product is vast we believe wireless earbuds are most effective when used as a promotional tool by specific industries.

Working with clients in the tech sector Fast Lane Consulting wanted modern, useful and tech orientated branded merchandise. All qualities reflected in our Aribuds promotional wireless earbuds, making them a promotional product in keeping with their brand and their client’s interests.

Additionally, we’d also recommend those in the music, movie, television, radio and audiobook sectors to consider using promotional wireless earbuds. This recommendation is based on the end-user statistics of earbuds, which identified the top 5 uses for this item are directly for people using services and products associated with these industries.

Graph showing what people use headphones for

It’s worth remembering that the results show what people use their earphones for and not what they are doing whilst using them. Case in point, you could be using them to watch the latest binge-worthy series on Netflix whilst working out on a treadmill. Which is why we also recommend those in the fitness industry consider using promotional wireless earbuds for their branded merchandise. Research shows that music really is a motivator and 2/3rds of gym-goers reported being less active when working out without earbuds. They’re such an integral part of the workout that 40% of respondents would cut their workout short if they didn’t have earbuds to play their motivational tunes. Thankfully our Aribuds have a battery life of up to four hours and their carry case doubles up as a charging station, meaning you can charge on the go – even at the gym! That’s one less excuse not to break a sweat.

Finally, for those targeting millennials we also recommend using promotional wireless earbuds. Those in this age range (22-38) wear earphones the most and 53% of this age range wear their earbuds for nearly 4 hours every day!

Millenials wear earphones for nearly 4 hours everyday

Won’t they already have a pair?

Not everyone has a pair of wireless earphones yet. Currently, wired earphones have a larger market share with 59%. However, considerable growth is predicted for wireless earbuds over the coming years. Surprisingly, one survey found 53% of those belonging to the Millenial generation owned at least 3 pairs of headphones. Showing that one pair is never enough. So, even if you suspect your clients already own a pair, we’re sure a spare pair of promotional wireless earbuds will be greatly appreciated.

Promotional Wireless Earbuds colour options

Get your own branded wireless earbuds

Our Aribuds promotional wireless earbuds are a long-lasting promotional product that comes engraved or printed with your logo. With their auto-pairing functionality and the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, our Aribuds offer hassle-free connectivity and greater reliability. Available in white, black, red and green, there’s a colour to compliment your brand.
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