Eco Promotional Products

This year January not only marks the start of a new year but also that of a new decade. Welcome to the twenty-twenties, or whatever this new decade is going to be called. A lot can change in a decade. Way back in the early 2010s people Planked, Miley took up twerking and we didn’t think twice about our use of plastics. Thankfully, a lot has a lot has changed since then with the biggest cultural shift being people’s attitude towards waste, the environment and the levels of pollution we each generate.

So, if the dawn of a new decade has inspired you to make some of your own life changes, or to encourage others to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, we’ve come up with a list of 20 eco promotional product swaps for 2020. All the items we’ve listed are simple to switch to and often superior to their more wasteful and polluting single-use counterparts. They also all make great eco-friendly promotional giveaways for your business and come printed with your logo. Scroll through the list below.

Reusable Bags For More Sustainable Shopping

Single use plastic bags are well and truly NOT welcome in this new decade. Taking up to 1,000 years to break down, these buggers are the third biggest contributor of plastic pollutants and cause havoc both on and off shore. In 2015 a 5p bag tax was introduced by the U.K government for all large retailers. This single piece of legislation is estimated to have prevented up to 15 billion single-use plastic bags being used. There has already been a slight decrease in the amount of plastic bags being trawled from the seabed around Britain, showing that progress is possible.

The beginning of this decade sees the bag charge increase further to 10p and applying to all sized retailers, making it both environmentally and financially sensible for your clients to opt for a reusable bag. Being a long lasting and re-usable item, they make an ideal eco promotional product that offers repeated brand exposure. They’re also a pretty handy and eco-friendly way to hand out promotional literature. Our top re-usable bags:

1.Gotta Lotta Bottle Bag

This bag is made from recycled plastic drinks bottles and offers full colour printing making it great for all kinds of designs and logos. Strong and sturdy it also folds into a compact pouch that can be conveniently placed in your handbag or pocket when not in use.

Logo Branded Recycled Tote Bag

2. Converto Tote Bag

Our Converto tote bag is made out of recycled plastic bottles and waste textiles. Available in blue, black and white there’s a colour to suit all logos. The Converto features long handles and has a 5oz capacity making it an ideal shopping companion.

Eco-friendly recycled black Branded Cotton Bag

Have You Got The (Reusable) Bottle?

We’ve written extensively about reusable drink bottles before and with the average person using a staggering 150 single-use plastic bottles each year, there’s still a lot of people who just haven’t got the bottle. Gifting customers a promotional bottle can encourage them to make the switch to reusable whilst also showing off your brand.

3.Verona Full Wrap Stainless Steel Drinks Bottle

Our Verona Full Wrap is the best promotional drinking bottle for those looking to get their brand noticed as it can cater to bold designs and prints. This bottle is also able to keep drinks hot or cold for hours, making it a practical promo item as well as pretty.

stainless steel water bottle with print

Single-Use Straws Suck, So Stop Using Them

Single-use plastic straws are another item we don’t need to bring forward into 2020, here’s why. For large events switch to logo printed paper straws, these can be handed out on mass without them lingering around for centuries after the party is over. For regular day-to-day use there’s also our reusable branded metal straw kit. The kit is supplied in a pouch that comes branded with your logo and the straws can also be engraved with your logo.

5.Logo Printed Paper Straws

Printed Paper Straws

6. Branded Metal Straw Kit

set of 2 branded metal straws with pouch & cleaning brush

Eat With The Environment In Mind By Passing On Disposable Cutlery

Eating on the go often isn’t as environmentally friendly as we’d like, with non recyclable packaging and single-use plastic cutlery often accompanying lunch. For those looking to cut all this out, bringing in your own lunch from home reduces a lot of this excessive packaging and can even save money in the long run. Buying lunch every day is estimated to cost an additional £1,288 a year! Even if you can’t switch from take-out lunches you can still switch to reusable cutlery and reduce your plastic waste. Reusable cutlery and lunch boxes are perfect eco-freindly promotional items for those in the food industry to gift or sell to clients when trying to reduce single-use waste.

7. Eco To Go

Our Eco To Go Travel Cutlery is a cost effective set of reusable cutlery. The set includes a knife, fork and spoon and comes in a drawstring cotton bag. The bag comes printed with your brands logo as standard in either a 1 or 2 colour logo. Additionally each item of cutlery can be engraved with your logo or icon, offering even greater branding exposure.

Branded Reusable Bamboo Cutlery with Bag

8. Bamboo & Chew 

If you prefer your cutlery a little less wooden but still want to avoid single-use plastic cutlery then our Bamboo & Chew reusable cutlery set is an ideal option. Made from bamboo fibre that is mixed with PP it has a more sturdy feel. This set comes with a knife, fork and spoon in a hardy carry case that comes printed with your logo.

Branded Bamboo Reusable Cutlery with Case

9. Keeping It Steel Lunch Box

This quality, airtight stainless steel lunch box has a modern industrial look. Generously sized, it has a 1,200ml capacity meaning you can pack a pretty hearty lunch.  This lunch box comes printed or engraved with your logo to the lid meaning your brand gets noticed every lunch time.

Branded Lunchboxes

10. Bamboo Go To Lunch Box

If you’re looking to brand a slightly lighter lunch box and want cutlery with it then our Bamboo Go To Lunch Box is an ideal option.  This reusable lunch box is made using a mixture of bamboo fibres and PP, meaning is has 50% less plastic in it than a regular lunch box. It comes with a fork and knife that slot into the lid strap.

bamboo lunchbox printed with your logo

11. Reusable Beeswax Wraps

Those that do decide to pack a lunch for 2020 will realise there’s also a lot of plastic used in food covering. From wrapping your snacks in cling film to using foil (also not that eco-friendly) it’s easy to go through a lot of these single-use products every day. Our beeswax food wraps however are reusable and last for around a year, meaning you’ll be using a lot less plastic cling film. This also makes them an ideal promotional product for companies in the catering industry to gift as, with their full wrap print, you’ll be able to get your branding/artwork noticed with every bite.

branded beeswax wraps

Get The Organic Look With Promotional Clothing That Cares

If you’re going to invest in promotional clothing for 2020 make sure it’s organic! Clothing is the 2nd most polluting industry and attributes to 10% of global carbon emissions, so when choosing promotional clothing you might want to opt for a more sustainable option. Our organic clothing is made using cotton that has been grown using techniques that have a lower environmental impact and without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers.

12. 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt

A staple promotional T-shirt that is made from 100% organic ringspun cotton. This T-Shirt comes printed with your logo and is available in a variety of colours.

Organic Promotional T-Shirt Printed With Company Logo

13. Organic Essentials Unisex Zip Hoodie

If you’re intending to wear your promotional clothing in the cooler months then you might also want to consider getting your own branded hoodie. Our favourite is the Organic Essentials Unisex Zip Hoodie. It’s made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester. This promotional hoodie is 300gsm and has a single jersey hood lining, flatlock stitching, and matt silver trims. This item can be printed or embroidered with your logo.

Organic Branded zip hooded jumper

Coffee Without The Crap

In the U.K we drink a staggering 95 million cups of coffee per day. Unfortunately a lot of these are drunk on the go out of single-use coffee cups. You’re probably aware that these cups aren’t recyclable and are totally unnecessary. Despite this, we’re still using 3 billion of these each year which means there’s still plenty of people that would benefit from receiving a promotional reusable coffee cup from your company.

14. rCup

The rCup is the world’s first cup made out of disposable coffee cups. This drinking cup is 100% leak-proof, features a ‘push open, push to close’ top lid that enables 360-degree drinking and is recyclable at the end of its life! It’s also BPA free and dishwasher (top rack) safe, what more could you ask from a promotional coffee cup?

Branded rCUP Circular&Co 12oz

15.Claro Coffee Cup

This coffee cup is a sturdy glass coffee cup that is BPA free and comes with the band printed with your logo. The Claro is available in a variety of stock colours or you can opt for our Pantone matched version to get your exact brand colours.

Pantone Branded Glass Coffee Cup

16.Brush Your Teeth With A Biodegradable Toothbrush

When it comes to eco alternatives not even the toothbrush is safe. With most toothbrushes being made out of plastic and needing to be replaced every three months we each get through about 300 in a lifetime. The modern plastic toothbrush was created in the 1930’s and every single one ever produced is still in existence today, which means there is a heck of a lot of toothbrushes polluting our planet. You can however switch to a bamboo toothbrush, which still helps to keep your gnashers clean whilst also being more biodegradable. Our bamboo toothbrush comes engraved with your logo and is a popular giveaway among those in the healthcare industry.

Branded Bamboo Toothbrush Engraved With Logo

17. Go Nude With Your Veg & Fruit

Whilst greens are good for you they’re often smothered in plastic. Even if you opt for loose veg, you tend to be supplied with a plastic bag to carry it. Why not go nude by taking a reusable produce bag to carry your granny smiths in? This way you can avoid plastic entirely! Our Covent Garden Organic Cotton Produce Bag is made out of, you guessed it, organic cotton, meaning it not only reduces the amount of plastic you use but it also didn’t harm the environment when the bag itself was made. This bag comes printed with your logo and is washable (up to 40 degrees) meaning it can keep your apples and pears fresh. This is a great choice of promotional merchandise for those in the food or retail industry.

Eco-friendly Branded Produce Bag

Opt For Eco-Friendly Promotional Brollies

In addition to bags and coffee cups, old plastic bottles can also be recycled into umbrella canopies. With an average of 156.2 days rainfall each year in the U.K, umbrellas are an incredibly useful promotional product. They’re also a highly effective choice of branded merchandise with each one expected to generate 1,331 brand impressions over its lifetime. Our eco umbrella has been designed with a wind proof system and the frame is able to withstand stormy conditions without breaking. This umbrella is available in six colours and can be printed with your logo on up to four panels.

Eco-friendly logo printed umbrella

19. Pens That Are Easy On The Planet

Just like the toothbrush, the humble pen is often a forgotten source of plastic waste. Whilst we tend to type more than we write, most of us still have a couple of pens on our desk and it’s estimated that we throw away 1.6 billion pens every year. With most pens being made entirely out of virgin plastic, there really are some easy and low cost eco swaps to be had with promotional pens. Which is why last year we overhauled our entire pen offering to focus solely on pens that had less of an environmental impact. There’s a lot to choose from with some promotional pens being made out of paper and others using recycled plastic, you can view them all here.

Promotional bamboo pen

20.Nice And Eco Notebooks

Another easy promotional eco-swap for 2020 is ensuring any promotional notebooks you use have their eco credentials. Another popular branded stationery giveaway, many notebooks are made out of virgin materials. Our Krafty Eco Notebook is made partially out of recycled materials and the paper is FSC certified meaning it has been harvested in a responsible manner. It comes printed with your logo and has four different strap combinations.

Recycled branded notebook

We hope we’ve inspired you to make a few eco promotional product swaps going forward! if you’d like any of the promotional merchandise items mentioned in this post or would like more information on them, please get in touch on 01753 491470 or send us an email with For more eco promotional products click the button below.