We have a wide range of promotional branded bags to suit all demographics, price brackets and campaigns. With the current push for sustainability and eco-awareness, we’ve ensured our product range focuses on eco-friendly responsible materials, including bags made from recycled products. Here is a selection of some of the most popular bags that we are branding at the moment. Click an item for more info.

Why Promotional Bags?

In 2018 and 2019, Promotional Bags were the most searched for promotional items and they made up a whopping 15% of the promotional merchandise market in the UK in 2019. Branded Tote Bags can be made from a wide choice of materials and meet a range of budgets. However, the real cause of the branded reusable bag surge was the 5p plastic bag charge introduced in 2015 (now 10p). Since this date, there has been an 86% decrease in the number of plastic bags bought by supermarkets. With so many people using reusable totes, it makes an excellent, affordable and eco-friendly item to brand and gift.

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