It’s no secret that the popularity of gin is on the rise. On June 12th this year the Wine and Spirit Trade Association said supermarket sales of gin were up 30% on the year before. It’s a trend that’s been ongoing the last decade. 

The stats don’t lie: The sale of 83 million [gin] bottles in 2019 compares to just 33 million bottles back in 2013 in the UK alone and there are now over 300 gin-makers in the nation – compared to just 37 in 2010.”
European Bartender School 

One such distillery that has contributed to the nation’s renewed love in gin is the Secret Garden Distillery based in Edinburgh. In 2017 herbalist Hamish Martin and his wife Liberty, released their range of gins flavoured with botanicals grown in their own herb garden. Paramount to their business is the company’s impressive sustainability commitment. This eco-consciousness is unsurprisingly reflected in the company’s merchandise choices. The Secret Garden Gin Distillery wants to focus on sustainable merchandise and our SeaTowel is a responsible, recycled, purposeful product. In fact, we love the SeaTowel so much we chose it for our top product for 2021

Made from recycled plastic bottles pulled from the sea by fishermen, this lightweight towel offers a conscious merchandise option with a large branding area and a Pantone colour matching opportunity. The one colour thread option is closely matched to your Pantone colour choice and the whole towel can be designed to your liking, offering excellent brand exposure. With it’s simple packaging and informative SeaQual tag, it makes an excellent retail option as you can see in The Secret Garden Gin Distillery’s own online store. Their beautifully chosen design was woven in white and is finished with the lovely frilled edging. A product with a premium look and finish.


If you’d like more information or some pricing on your own SeaTowel’s, then get in touch with our team on or call us on 01753491470.